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European Union ?

Winston Churchill is quoted as advocating a United States of Europe.  In 1953, when asked if Britain should be a member state, he replied: "We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not compromised. We are associated, but not absorbed and should a European statesman address us and say "Shall we speak for thee?" we should reply: "Nay, sir, for we dwell among our own people".

 Indeed. Let not Europe speak for us. We can speak for ourselves and abide by our own laws, yet still be Europeans, if that's what we want. 

November 2016. Since writing the above some time ago, the UK has held a referendum on whether we should remain part of the European Union or leave. The vote was close enough that it caused a massive backlash and a shameful upsurge in race hatred. The then Prime Minister decided he didn't want to see things through and resigned and the new PM and government appear to be dragging things out rather than negotiating our exit. Though many, including myself, endeavoured to educate ourselves on the pros and cons of staying or going, the British people were woefully - perhaps wrongfully - misinformed. It's all a bit of a mess. But at least we don't have Donald Trump in power!